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Birdy Heywood

As with all my writings, this just came to me and I felt compelled to write it down to share. 

Thank you Mother Earth

I came across a strange old soul, just the other day.

She asked me very kindly, if I had lost my way.

“Oh yes,“ I said bewildered. “What am I doing here?”

“Rest easy child, come closer and let go all your fear.”

She beckoned me to sit with her upon a grassy mound.

I obeyed quite willingly, then slowly glanced around.

Trees swayed gently in the breeze. Tall like sentries bold.

Whispering sweet secrets and stories not yet told.

“Why am I here and who are you?” I asked in quiet voice.

“Well my child.” She answered. “You didn’t have a choice.”

She stroked my head so gently and lifted up my face.

Somehow I felt safe and loved in this wondrous place.

“You see we are connected please look into my eyes.”

What I saw within them, took me by surprise.

Reflected in those pools of light I could see just me.

Walking through a forest so connected yet so free.

“Feel the ground beneath your feet. Hear the small folk call.”

“Now close your eyes and listen and you will see it all.”

I did just as she asked of me and sank into the ground,

All around was darkness. I could not hear a sound.

Then I heard the seedlings chatter, in this earth as dark as night.

As they worked and grew together on their way towards the light.

Up I popped quite suddenly and looked towards the sun.

It caressed my leaves so gently. At last I felt as one.

Thank you Mother Earth for showing our connection.

To you and all the creatures in your beautiful reflection.

© Birdy Heywood 2020